"As a mature student who has returned to learning to play the drums after a long absence, I have found Colin a keen, patient and supportive tutor. Colin tailors my sessions around what I wish to achieve from the session and utilises a number of teaching and coaching styles including traditional music reading with innovative use of multimedia inorder to enhance student engagement and enjoyment."

Jakie (January 2015)

"Colin has been my teacher (on drums) for nearly eight years. During this time he has never wavered in his enthusiasm and he has encouraged me to push myself to higher levels of attainment. Whatever the weather, however I’m feeling, it always cheers me up to have a bang around on the drums with Colin. He is truly an inspirational person and I appreciate everything he has done for me."

Ethan, 15yrs (July 2014)

"Colin has made the lessons for my ten year old daughter an absolute pleasure from start to finish. Amy covers in one hour what many other teachers take a few weeks to cover. He has made Amy enjoy music again rather than it be a chore to achieve the next grade. Amy has particularly enjoyed playing the piano with the background accompaniment ‘that sounds really cool’."

Helen (February 2015)

"Colin turns every session into a fun experience. We don’t just look at a piece over and over again, we look at other pieces each lesson but learn them in a different way. Colin is a wonderful teacher who supports you while you are learning a difficult piece of music. He makes up brilliant tunes that I love playing along with and at the end of a session we do some theory."

Tilly, 11yrs (July 2014)

"Our son has benefited enormously from the quality of instruction that Colin has provided. He has enthused and challenged our son to improve and has tailored his teaching sessions to respond to our son's musical interests. Colin has given him an understanding of performance, widened his appreciation of different musical genres and equipped him with the technical skills to set up his own equipment for performance purposes."

Mark (July 2014)

"Even though Colin makes me do a lot of practice (which I don’t like), he has made my goals easier to achieve and I am doing more than one exam per year. He makes lessons interesting and he does a variety of different exercises including playing along to contemporary songs. He is a really good teacher and much better than school ones! He’s epic."

Imogen, 14yrs (July 2014)

"Can’t recommend highly enough. The support, advice and commitment to our son’s musical development has been outstanding. Due to his extensive knowledge and contacts our son has been able to take advantage of some fantastic opportunities at both a local and national level."

Olwyn (July 2014)